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League of Legend Services

Always improving our products to make them safer and better.

We deliver our products as fast as possible within maximum 24 hours.

We are here to ensure your satisfaction and answer any question you might have.

For years thousands of orders made us trustworthy and reliable.

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Few words about us

We have been in the business of selling smurfs for over three years and we have already sold a still on going 3500 accounts. Our accounts may be not the cheapest but we are trying to make them as safe as possible. We use our own hand-coded private bot. No injections or memory altering. We are still improving it but so far it plays better than some low level elo players(not joking here). The bot plays Beginner COOP vs AI. Twisted Treeline COOP vs AI. Twisted Treeline Player vs Player, ARAM(Soon). Learns/use skills, farms creeps, attacks enemy champions, buys items, destroys towers and nexuses, mimics human play time (doesn't play 24/7). Whats more is that we include the original email when you purchase an account which allows you to have complete control over it without ever worrying about someone stealing your account. Finally, every account is created by us without any third party involvement. With over 3 years in the business you can be assured that our business will only prosper and continue to provide you with the best smurfs.